Owners Guy and Barbara Travis established their home remodeling and new construction business in 1979 as Travis Builders Inc. We mainly focused on development and construction of new residential projects in Marin County. We then added remodeling with Travis Remodeling and finally opened our product showroom in 1995. 

Originally concentrating on design and construction we realized that an important component was missing. As a dealer of remodeling products, Travis Remodeling could offer its customers better quality products at a lower price while being able to imĀ­prove our ability to handle delivery and scheduling. 

We have a fully qualified, reliable and friendly staff to assist our customers. Through the entire process we work closely with you to bring to life the ideas that have been presented to us. The most important part of any project is to make sure you, the customer gets what you want. 

Travis Remodeling is a long standing associate of the construction community having been a member of the Marin Builders Association for over 20 years. We have been involved in the local community through our membership in the Novato Chamber of Commerce for more than 16 years as well as participating in local sports and education programs. Travis Remodeling has also been an honor roll member of the Better Business Bureau since 2001.